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Review of Homespun Northwest, based in Portland, OR (and I know we have many Pacific Northwesterners on the page). I really like the variety of basic personal & home care essentials, all made with minimal & organic ingredients, and at reasonable prices. She even offers organic dog treats which I’m thinking about ordering for our 9 year old black lab.

67 items in her Etsy shop, including samples of everything she offers. The samples are small, but cheap, and you can get a couple uses out of them. I was sent samples of:

Dry shampoo (she couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before, have you?) Ingredients: organic cornstarch, organic cocoa powder, organic arrowroot powder, kaolin clay. Available unscented or in a choice of several scents. Description from the site: “Finally, a dry shampoo that is perfect for brunettes! Not only will it leave your hair looking cleaner and more voluminous, but the cocoa powder gives brunettes a better solution than commercial white dry shampoo. It is best not to wash your hair too often so that your scalp can restore its natural balance and produce the perfect amount of sebum for healthy hair. Twice a week is really all you need! This dry shampoo is the perfect thing to use between washes. It will keep oily roots at bay and also give your hair some serious volume!” I have mixed feelings on this product. I do only wash my hair a couple times/week, I know many on this page do & it’s truly best for your hair not to wash it daily. But, part of my desire to only wash it a few times weekly is to use less product. When it does get greasy, I usually just don a bandana or hat But, I did use this sample when my hair was quite greasy, and I really do like how it looked. She recommends applying it with like a blush brush, which I don’t own so I rubbed it on both my hands & just worked it in as best I could. It really did take away the greasy look & I liked the results. But I don’t feel the need to keep it around as a product. I did want to review it though as I love highlighting unique products, and as mentioned, this was the 1st time I’ve seen a dry shampoo.

Grapefruit Facial cleanser/mask- ingredients: kaolin clay, grapefruit essential oil, organic oats. I did use this as a mask, while I soaked in the tub & used the cleansing cube listed below. I enjoyed my sample of it! I know kaolin clay has numerous beneficial properties for our skin!

Cleansing Scrub Cube: Ingredients: organic turbinado sugar, organic pure virgin coconut oil, organic mild castile soap, organic dutch cocoa powder, fresh ground organic raw almonds, organic sweet almond oil. I really like this idea of a convenient cube. 10 cubes sell for $6, and I felt a cube was more than enough to do my body, I think I could’ve gotten away with ½ one & been happy. I was surprised that it contained soap, I wasn’t expecting that when I started using it. So it cleans & exfoliates very nicely. And of course, you have to resist the temptation to eat it, as it’s looks & smells like a piece of brownie. Is using food ingredients as personal care concerning? I do know from my own experience that sugar scrubs can grow mold, if not used relatively quickly. You definitely don’t want to put it on a shelf & forget about it for a year before using the items. Here’s a statement from her site: “These cleansing sugar scrub cubes are a convenient alternative to traditional body washes. Each cube gently cleanses while the pure cane sugar exfoliates, buffing away dead cells, as the oils moisturize to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Indulge yourself with this guilt-free dessert for your entire body! Unlike commercial products, Homespun Northwest handcrafts products once a week in small batches, using only high quality natural ingredients.” So, since they are freshly made I have no concerns in that regard, I would just advise against stocking up too much in one order…

The only ingredient of concern to me is Borax which is used in the dish & laundry products. Many in the natural community have no problem with Borax, but I do not use it in any products in my home. It can be a skin irritant, and receives an F from the EWG Cleaning Database. Please, research this ingredient from many sources before using it. Many have, and continue to use it .

You can even make custom order requests, something I really like to see offered! I hope you’ll take a look at her shop & browse her nice variety of products, and use the 10% off coupon included below to try a few items!

10% off code: HNW10
Etsy Shop:
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