Why I want to get chickens!


I posted the other day that we normally get them from our friends farm, but every now & then they run low so I bought some at my food co-op the other day, for $4/dozen, and they just don’t compare! This photo doesn’t even do them justice, but the one on the left is from a local farmer who has 5,000 birds in a huuuuuuge barn. Yes, they are cage-free, no they do not see the light of day & are fed solely organic grain. On the right, free-ranging, bug-eating, occasionally a bit of grain to supplement, they are SO orange & delicious. The pale yellow ones just look & taste like they’re lacking, and even my 3 1/2 year old expressed an immediate dislike of the yellow ones, telling me “Mama, I DO NOT like yellow yolks, I like orangey yolks”

Also, when I was commuting to college I’d stop by the farm with 5,000 chickens to pick up eggs for my food co-op, and literally vomited once & left gagging every, single time, the smell was soooooo horrible, I couldn’t do it anymore! So another case in point, NOT ALL ORGANIC food is created equally…. And I’m determined to have eggs by next summer, while our friends are able to mostly keep us stocked, we go through a ton of eggs & I don’t want to rely on anyone else to provide for us!

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