Our favorite Made in USA toys/vendors

In no particular order:

Roys Toys Building Logs—Lincoln Logs that are actually made in the US! I got them from Pure Play Kids but have even seen them at Wal-Mart (although I know many of you boycott them, just saying, they’re pretty widely available).

The Puzzle People—we own 5 of their puzzles & other than books, they’re some of our most used & cherished items by far! They take a looooong time to get your order to you, so seriously order NOW for this Holiday season, you won’t be disappointed! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/718713404810969/?type=3&theater

Smiling Tree Toys—We own a lot of their items & cherish them all. I feel they’re quite affordable, and they are exactly the small Mom/Pop type business I had in mind to support when launching this page. They are also a vendor for the upcoming Nov Buying Club. We have: the regular & deluxe building block sets, smiling moon balancer, camera, memory tiles, lacing/tracing puzzle, penguin bowling game, shape sorter, ornaments, I’m giving my niece the xylophone for her upcoming B-day, I’m sure I’m forgetting some items. Everything is amazing quality & they are a favorite of mine for sure! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/636647163017594/?type=3&theater

Pure Play Kids—Absolutely love Pure Play as well! We have numerous things from them, and I love their shop by age function which helps narrow things down. I even have a 15% off coupon for them, good the remainder of the year! https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.568349859847325.144572.397517646930548/1015990168416623/?type=3&theater

Maple Landmark Town Train Set—just absolutely love this, it’s much, much cheaper on Amazon then directly through them unfortunately. https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.430947503587562.117422.397517646930548/848011088547866/?type=3&theater

Elves & Angels- dollhouse & adding castle this Christmas. Dolls from Wildflower Innocence. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.868582543157387.1073741838.397517646930548&type=3

Wooden kitchen—One of our most used items as well, my Son LOVES his kitchen. Ours is on loan from a local family, if I was in the market for one I’d get it from Elves & Angels. I’ve accessorized it with this & that: unused fondue pots, stainless steel & wooden items I’ve picked up at garage sales, and we have a few things from Green Toys for it: the sandwich & pizza shop and the pot & pan set. Wooden eggs from Pure Play. https://www.facebook.com/397517646930548/photos/a.430947503587562.117422.397517646930548/586659754683002/?type=1&theater

Beka art easel—my Mom has purchased this for my Son for Christmas this year, I CAN’T WAIT to get it! We love art supplies from Wee Can Too, Eco-Kids (available from the Buying Club), and Filana crayons.

Books—I pick up books whenever I see them at garage sales & thrift stores. ENDLESS entertainment for very cheap. I very, very rarely buy new books. Hard to find made in US, but I couldn’t leave them off this list!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kerri Lux Hicken
    Oct 27, 2014 @ 20:07:11

    I know Anatex is made in the USA, but they predominately use plywood I thought. Isn’t plywood potentially toxic?



    • ecofriendlymamausa
      Oct 27, 2014 @ 22:56:11

      You’re right about the plywood! And you know I have pretty high standards but I felt OK letting this into our house. It’s definitely not something going in their mouths, and I noticed no odor whatsoever from it. We love the abacus on one side, alphabet, bead maze, my kiddos & I have been having a lot of fun with it! But generally we stick to real wood! I think I’ll remove it from my list in favor of something else. Thanks for bringing that up Kerri!



  2. Rachel
    Oct 29, 2014 @ 08:18:43

    Thanks for sharing this list! I have been looking for a good crayon option for my son for awhile now. I had not heard of Filana. On their website they list “natural waxes and oils” in addition to the organic beeswax. Do you know what other waxes and oils they use? Also, do you know of any lead concerns with the “China clay” from England also listed in their ingredients list? I’m probably just paranoid and think about lead toxicity too much, but I thought I would see if you had any more info on this.

    PS We have items from most of these vendors on this list, thanks to you! 🙂



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