Homemade Betty Product Review

Homemade Betty Product Review by page co-admin Jolene Marty

I was given the opportunity to review two products from Homemade Betty, a new small business that makes great products with fabulous ingredients! I was able to sample their Ink Slinger Balm – Tattoo Balm, and their Super Green Face Mask.

First, the company is owned by a really nice lady named Rebecca and she hand makes organic, vegan & fair trade skin care products. When asked about her process she has this to say:

“I started with making a body butter for my son who developed eczema. After perfecting the process, I asked, what else can I replace that we have? I started making everything that we used in our household! Everything that I sell has been tested on me & my family! I also try to make little impact on my carbon footprint as much as possible. I only make products when they are ordered, I only use glass jars that can be recycled or up-cycled. I also reuse all the packing noodles that are shipped to me to use for my customers. I try to make a full circle as much as possible. I am currently in the process of getting my bunny certificate and getting my EWG cert. I have also started the process to getting my USDA organic cert. but I see that happening in a year or two. Ninety-nine percent of my ingredients coming in are certified organic from either the USDA or Oregon Tilth. Plus, my products don’t have more than 5-6 ingredients in them.”

As you can see this is a wonderful company, that offers full transparency on their products, and are made to order. I really admire their goals of not only producing organic, vegan, and fair trade products, but also in trying to leave as small of a footprint as possible.

Now I know you are curious how much I liked the goodies I was sent, so on to the good stuff!



The Super Green Face Mask came in a 4oz mason jar with a little wooden spoon attached so I could easily scoop the green powder into my hands. Of course it is made with safe and simple ingredients (Organic Bentonite Calcium rich clay & Organic Matcha Sweet Green Tea Powder) that also work well together. The powder was very easy to mix and apply. It also did not over dry my face, like most masks do. A little goes a long way with this powder so the 4 oz mason jar will last you a nice long time. I have used this a handful of times already and each time, it helped the smoothness of my face as well as the tone. It also helped to clear up some blemishes that were being stubborn in addition to some redness that was being very stubborn on my pale face. If you already have dry skin, or combination skin, this is your perfect match!


Ok guys let’s talk about Ink Slinger Balm for a minute. I chose to review this one because I myself, as well as a lot of our readers, have tattoos. Mine tend to fade pretty quickly and when I try to ‘freshen’ them up a bit with lotions or creams, it is usually very, very temporary and then the older ones go back to looking really faded. I was truly impressed with this for tattoo care because it really did freshen up my ink and for much longer than anything I had tried before. I am applying in the morning and night and see a huge difference in my newest as well as my oldest one from over a decade ago. As a surprise test, since they also advertise that you can use it on freshly healing tattoos, I gave some to my father who happened to stop by my house with a fresh tattoo only a few days after I received my box of goodies from Homemade Betty! I scooped him some in a new mason jar and sent him on his way with the instructions of: use this instead of that junk they tell you to use from the tattoo shop! And he did! He told me this from using it, “I really liked using the cream you gave me. It soothed it and felt much nicer on my skin that what I was using. It also healed perfectly.” He told me next time he plans on getting a tattoo he will let me know so I can order some more!

There is one other use that I want to talk about for Ink Slinger Balm. Many of you know that my oldest, who is 10, suffers from a LOT of allergies and some pretty bad eczema. Lately the backs of his knees have been getting out of control. They itch, and sting, and hurt like crazy. The stuff we had been using we had just ran out of, and I thought that because the Ink Slinger Balm had some seriously amazing ingredients (Organic Raw Shea Butter, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, & Organic Baobab Oil) I decided why not give it a go on his legs. I applied the balm to the backs of his legs for three nights in a row and as you can see…it’s a little miracle worker. By the 5th night of applying it, there was no trace of his eczema at all. He was so happy to not be suffering, he has now requested this be his go to. He has been having horribly chapped lips as well. So of course we had him use it on his lips and they are so much better.

As you can tell it’s not JUST for tattoos. It is this mama’s little miracle worker and I rarely find a product I am so incredibly in love with but, this one for sure makes it to the top!


Homemade Betty makes a plethora of great products with simple and nourishing ingredients. She is easy to get a hold of for questions and has a passion for making remarkable skin care products. She even offers bamboo toothbrushes in addition to her sunscreen, toothpaste, men’s care line, body butters, and a ton more! Be sure to go take a peek at her website and then go like and follow her on her social media!

Website: www.homemadebetty.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/homemadebetty07
Instagram: www.instagram.com/homemade_betty
Twitter: @HomemadeB
Email: rebecca@homemadebetty.com

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