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I want to start out by saying: what I do will never get old. Every day new people join my group & bring new knowledge to the conversation. I knew of no made in USA rubber ducky to recommend in my “safe bath toys” album (which is very, very small: One day, “Good Ducks” came up when someone asked about safe bath toys. It’s amazing how something that is not a big deal to many, is a big deal to me. I get really, really excited when I find out about a company A: exclusively offering a made in USA option for this category where no other options exist and B: bringing back something that started here, went overseas and now is back. I was sent a “Good Duck”, it’s your typical-looking rubber ducky design. This is in contrast to their “CelebriDucks ” which are super cute & popular and modeled after celebrities. The Good Duck is $11.99

The benefits of this duck are:

100% made in America! PVC Free – Phthalate Free – BPA Free Medical and Food Grade Materials.

One of the safest rubber ducks for babies to teethe on

Completely sealed to keep out water so never any mold issues

Soft to the touch

Floats upright


Paint Free

Latex Free


So what ARE they made of:  “these ducks are age graded to 0 using FDA approved food and medical grade materials… could virtually eat them!…. Technically, it would be call a synthetic rubber…..or TPR….TPE…..using medical and food grade resins….nothing safer!… “

ABOUT THE COMPANY: With a desire to create some of the safest rubber ducks in the world, CelebriDucks has just released their new ground breaking Good Ducks, now some of their most popular products and one of the top baby shower gifts on the market. It is considered by many the only rubber duck that a baby should ever teethe on and all manufacturing, design, and 100% of the materials are made in the USA.  It is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, and BPA Free using the highest grade medical materials available and comes in a very cute gift box in yellow, pink, and blue. The link below has pictures of both the ducks and babies teething on them. Babies absolutely love them.

The rubber duck was actually an original American invention before the whole industry moved overseas. CelebriDucks is pleased to lead the migration of The Rubber Duck industry back home to The United States. At you can read more and view all of their limited edition Celebrity Rubber Ducks that were voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly. They have sold millions of their products over the years and are now considered the top custom duck manufacturer in the world.

Craig Wolfe, CelebriDucks president remarked, “We consider The Good Duck our highest achievement as no other country has been able to do what we have done. The response to this product has been nothing less than amazing. Through listening to Mommy Bloggers we became convinced that there were no rubber ducks on the market which were safe enough for very young children to put in their mouths. None of the ducks were made from tested food grade and medical grade materials. Mothers complained that even the PVC free ducks had questionable materials which smelled like “chemicals,” had peeling paint, did not float upright, and were much too hard for babies. Parents spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on cribs, clothing, toys, etc. for their new born and are more than willing to spend a few dollars extra for a toy that their baby will have in their mouth day and night.” Mothers also complained that the natural latex ducks on the market caused allergies, degraded over time, took on water, and were often found to have black mold growing inside. Finally the moms did not trust the integrity of overseas manufacturing facilities.  Since the folks at CelebriDucks always listen to our Mothers, we created The Good Ducks to address all these concerns.”


The thing that I love the most about Craig, and all other made in USA manufacturing devotees I’ve met over the years, is their determination and pride at being able to make their dream into a reality! I love that a dream can still become reality, with enough hard work & determination! The Mom that told me about these duckies for the 1st time (then several others chimed in that they also had a ducky from this company) let me know that her daughter loves her ducky so much, that she takes it everywhere she goes, even sleeping with it. So the Mama was going to be placing an order for another ducky which would be devoted to the bath tub only. Craig also shared the same story with me, he was very happy & proud to know that his target audience was enjoying his product. He, and all others, take a big risk in bringing their product into production. My kiddos are definitely enjoying their duck. They take a bath every other night generally, and ducky has been a part of that bath since it arrived.  From Craig: “in terms of risks….you know I could spend all the money necessary, but what if my end user did not like our product….the babies!  What if they did not like the look or feel of our product…it’s not like we could do market research to ask them, eh.  That’s why it has been so amazing to see the response from the actual babies who LOVE them…..makes it all so worthwhile!!!!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at his sign off: may the bath be with you!


I hope you’ll support this made in USA ducky for your kiddos bath time fun. If they’re older & past the rubber ducky stage of their life, they’d made an excellent gift!!






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