Butter Bay Review


The above photo is the Pomegranate Butter Bay I was sent to review. This pic is borrowed from the Butter Bay site. My camera takes lousy pictures!

I LOVE checking my email daily, I never know what I’m going to find. When I had this email: “I saw that you have an extensive list of products made in the USA and I wanted to make a suggestion for that list. Butter Bay is a butter dish that is 100% made in USA” honestly I wasn’t super excited. Cool I thought, a made in USA butter dish to add to my list. I always do enjoy adding to my Made in USA Master List, that’s for sure, but a butter dish wasn’t all that exciting at the time. THEN I started clicking around the Butter Bay site & I realized this is no ordinary butter dish, it is a French butter crock. I LOVE learning about new things, and indeed French butter crocks have been used for centuries, but are totally new to me. Suddenly, I was very excited about butter. If you’ve never smelled or tasted rancid butter, consider yourself lucky. It’s YUCKY! Read on to discover how a Butter Bay can help prevent rancid butter!

One of the 1st questions I ask of any type of ceramics is: is it lead & cadmium-free? I’ve learned it’s not safe to make this assumption. Here’s their response: Yes! Butter Bay has been certified to be 100% safe and meets California Proposition 65 requirements for no lead or cadmium. One thing all vendors who contact me have in common: they’re super, duper proud to bring us a made in USA product. The Butter Bay is made in Ohio, and you’ll see how proud of that they are when you visit their website as well as when you receive your Butter Bay. Made in USA is stamped all over the packaging.

So, the question: why do I need a Butter Bay? This link from their website explains why it was created:  http://thebutterbay.com/pages/about-us

When I got it, I honestly was a bit confused. The stick of butter is larger than the vessel it is supposed to fit in. So I watched this very short video that clearly shows how to use it: https://thebutterbay.com/pages/how-it-works. But still, I managed to find my stick of butter floating in the water below after 1 day. That is the 1 & only time it has happened to me, thankfully. My mistake the 1st time was not letting my butter sit long enough to reach room temp, it was still too firm thus didn’t pack perfectly. Since then I have let it sit on the counter for ½ hr or so & it packs in there perfectly & I’ve had spreadable butter any & every time I’ve needed it. I change the water every 2-4 days.

We have our own flock of chickens so eat quite a few eggs with either a buttered bagel or toast. I occasionally use butter when cooking quesadillas or other dishes, otherwise we don’t eat a whole lot of butter but it sure is nice to have it there & spreadable when needed! What was I using before this? A small Pyrex dish with a lid & I’d take out a couple TBSP at a time. That works for sure, but I did find myself running out a lot. Now with the butter crock I can pull a whole stick out & that lasts us ~10 days give or take. As soon as I scrape the last butter from its sides, I wash & dry the crock & refill it (it is dishwasher safe, but I’ve only hand washed it). It truly is nice to have fresh, creamy butter any time you need it! And while I’m not a super fancy Mama, this Butter Bay certainly looks much prettier on my countertop than my Pyrex dish with green plastic lid…. I’m curious to see how the butter holds up during both the heat of summer & the heat of winter as we use wood heat & at times it does get quite warm in our house & my butter melts (will report back).

What I love about this: of course that it is made in the USA. As with any made in USA product, it takes a great deal of motivation, dedication, determination & LOVE to bring a product to market. In addition to being available online of course, there are numerous states which have retail locations carrying the Butter Bay. I hope you’ll check out this link & if you see a local retailer, support them with your purchase: https://thebutterbay.com/pages/butter-bay-is-now-sold-in-stores

And finally, here is a link to their website. They are running a shipping special now-Christmas: $1.99 shipping on any order of 2 or more, so grab one for yourself & one as a gift for that hard to shop for person in your life! https://thebutterbay.com/


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