Breaking the Amazon Cycle of Easy Ordering!

I’m guilty of falling into the ease of ordering from Amazon. But please take a few extra minutes to cross-check from the vendor directly. I was about to order some organic boxers for my Son, from City threads, via Amazon. I took 3 extra minutes to compare with City Threads directly. Here’s the difference: $33.25 via City Threads, $34.76 via Amazon…. And they don’t have to give Amazon a chunk of that so it’s a big difference for the vendor. I know return policies are a big deal, especially when it comes to clothing.

Here’s City Threads policy: City Threads offers returns for full refund or store credit within 30 days from when the order is received. The customer will be responsible for paying a small cost to return the item, as listed below: RETURN ONE ITEM: $3.67 shipping cost (deducted from refund when we receive returned item). RETURN 2 OR MORE ITEMS: $7.55 flat-rate shipping cost (deducted from refund when we receive returned item).

It’s so easy to justify Amazon Prime and “free shipping”. It’s not frickin’ free, it’s $119/year. So City Threads came in cheaper, and that included $4.75 1st class shipping. So much of life is about habits, and I am pushing myself to get out of the 3 click ease of buying via Amazon.

City Threads, a great source for made in the USA and even ORGANIC underwear and other clothing!

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