A family in need of our help

Susie Z, one of my fellow Poofy Guides for many years now, my neighbor to the West in Minnesota, homeschooling Mama of 4, chapter leader for her local Weston A. Price group, is in need of help from strangers. You can read all the updates from her GoFundMe (click on ‘read older updates’), but long story short is: what they thought was an abscess in her daughter’s tooth turned out to be a rare form of cancer. Thus, she is going through chemo. She’s 3. I’ve been following the story for the past couple of weeks. When I asked Susie if there was anything she needed, anything I can do, she said not at the time. They were waiting to find out how much of the treatment insurance would cover, how much they would be responsible for out of pocket. Well, bills are starting to roll in, and $20,000 is their 1st portion, likely with higher numbers to come. I know we’re all like extended family here. And I know most of us are Mamas. Last week was Random Acts of Kindness Week. I know we’re not all in a position to donate financially, Susie knows that too. But even if a couple of us can chip in, we will help this family in need. My Eco-friendly USA group page has 5000+ people, if we all chipped in just $1, that would be a significant donation! And of course, keep this beautiful little girl, and their entire family, in your thoughts & prayers


GoFundMe link, with many updates on what has taken place thus far: https://gofund.me/236e8d6f

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