A new chapter for Poofy Organics

It is with a heart & head full of emotions that I share this news: Poofy has new owners as of 12/5/22. The time has come for the next chapter. Covid, among other factors, has been so very hard on small businesses. From major supply chain issues, huge price increases on supplies, ingredients and shipping, many business owners are barely keeping their business afloat. Or, they’re going into personal debt to do so. That can only go on for so long.

At this time, here’s what I know: 2 entrepreneur friends that have ~50 years of combined experience growing businesses successfully, have invested their life savings to purchase Poofy. The people who’ve always made the products in the Poofy kitchen will be making your products. Mario, Kristina’s brother, is staying on to run the helpdesk and techy stuff. Kristina will eventually be relocating to FL, where she currently has a 2nd home, to run a Pilates studio, which is a mega passion of hers currently.

Me: I’m all about integrity. In the products, and the company. We have been assured that the new owners are so interested in, and excited about taking Poofy over because of those very things. The integrity of YOU, the customers. Of us Guides. Of the products we’ve all come to count on. We’ve been assured nothing is going to change in any of those regards. They are going to keep the name, they are going to keep the USDA organic certification, the current formulations, and consult Kristina on future formulations.

Their goal is to make Poofy more of a household name. They have the resources to really put into the brand and try to help it claim way more of a market share than it currently does. They can make a reality many concepts that Kristina had dreamed of to take the brand to the next level, but didn’t have the resources to do. That would be a good thing for all things organic. The more demand for products, the more land that stays organic, the more farmers that keep growing their organic crops to make these products.

While I’ve shed many tears of sadness at this chapter closing. I’m also filled with feelings of happiness, pride and admiration for Kristina and how far she took this little baby of hers. She is a living example of the American Dream. Working your ass off for a decade+, pouring blood, sweat and tears into your dream. And knowing when to walk away before it’s too late and there’s nothing left. The alternative to this reality would have been the brand folding. Imagine the hole that would leave, I don’t want to even consider it.

YOUR support over the years has meant the world to the entire Poofy family. Myself included. And I’m sure this news will cause some of you to seek another brand. But I’m hoping a whole lotta you will, like me, remain optimistic and hopeful that the brand will continue to offer us the Poofy Peace of Mind that we’ve all come to count on. And if anything, it will only get better 💚

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