Sloggers, proudly made in USA, perfect for outdoors!


I got my Sloggers yesterday & am loving them! I wore the shoes for 4 hours today while working at my Dad’s Greenhouse & they’re perfect for working their for sure as I’m dealing with water & dirt daily. They don’t come in 1/2 sizes so I got the 9’s & the shoes are slightly big with very thin socks on, 8 1/2 would’ve been perfect for me for those. But the boots are perfect as a size 9. I put them on & my Son immediately said “Mom, lets go find some puddles”, which we did & had a lot of fun stomping around! I loved all the cute designs they had to choose from! I can’t believe I just found out about this company a couple weeks ago, thanks to a post in this page! They have a great label displaying how proud they are to have been making shoes in the US for 60some years! They come in many adorable patterns. Info from the company: “They are Latex Free and “Vegan Friendly” but they are made out of Medical Grade PVC. Also, please keep in mind that our material is prop 65 compliant, meets and exceeds ALL federal and state safety regulations, INCLUDING the most stringent CSP regulations for children’s toys and pacifiers (not that you were planning on letting your child teeth on a pair of Sloggers! Although dogs do sometimes, so it’s good to know that they are safe!). I hope that helps answer your concerns.” I really appreciate this fact too: Commitment to Sustainability:In addition to utilizing Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP’s) regarding the environment, Sloggers attempts to maximize the amount of recycled material they put back into their shoes. Currently, they can add up to 50% of mixed recycled material in their soles, and they are able to use 100% of the clear material scraps back into the uppers.
The company also encourages you to send your shoes or boots back to them when they have finally reached the end of the road. They will grind them up and add them back into a new pair of shoes.”!

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