Lead in crockpots- a simple test can give you peace of mind!


I’ve read several articles on this topic & the original issue appears to have stemmed from a woman who went around at a state fair testing crock pots for lead & found several of them to indeed contain this toxin that we all want to avoid. From what I gathered, they were all the very cheap Rival brand. Hamilton Beach claims to be lead-free, and that happens to be what I have, but for extra peace of mind, I thought I’d spend the $10 on a lead test kit (First Alert Made in the USA!) at my local hardware store. When this issue has come up in the past many have stated that they were simply going to throw there’s away. Not only is that not eco-friendly, it’s not necessary- I highly encourage you to do this very simple test. The test kit says it will do 4 tests, but I did 3 and have enough solution for at least 3 more tests. First I did the simple swab test, and happened to have a chip on my handle which was perfect. Just dip the Q-tip in the solution, and rub the chipped area for 30 seconds, if any lead is present it will turn a shade of brown- mine stayed white (phew!). Then I did the more accurate leach test, which can determine PPM. You do a vinegar soak for 4 hours, put some of the vinegar in a test tube, dip the Q-tip in the solution & insert it into the vinegar solution. Depending on the shade of brown it turns it gives you an idea of PPM, again, mine stayed white. Then I turned my crock pot on high for 4 hours with vinegar in it, in case heating it caused something to be released. Again, it stayed white. So, for less than $10 I have the peace of mind that I am not contaminating my organic food & poisoning my family.

I LOVE my crock pot. I find it to be a HUGE time-saver. I love putting a meal together, walking away, and coming back to a delicious, effortless meal. Today I’ll be putting a local, organic, pork roast raised by my friends in, and can’t wait to enjoy it tonight. I have yet to find a Made in the USA crockpot, if anyone knows of one, please let me know!

Mine is model #33150. From Hamilton Beach’s FAQ page: “Hamilton Beach specifications applicable to all slow cookers and their components (including the earthenware crocks) prohibits the product from containing any measurable amounts of lead. Furthermore, the factories that manufacture the earthenware crocks for Hamilton Beach are certified ceramic production facilities whose ceramic ware is deemed to satisfy FDA heavy metal requirements. Hamilton Beach takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the earthenware crocks accompanying our slow cookers provide safe and satisfactory service to our consumers.” http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/faqs-slow-cookers.html