Wee Can Too Crayons


Wee Can Too Crayon review: $11.00 for 5 colors. Made from Organic fruit and vegetable powders and Organic food grade plant waxes! VEGAN, no wheat, no sugar, no preservatives! While these crayons are not intended as food, they are so safe that they are indeed edible. From their website: “Let’s face it, with infants and toddlers these days, everything ends up in their mouths. Well relax mommas & daddies, because our products are made for curious mouths and made with food-based organic ingredients.” And guess what? Maybe it’s the shape of them, but they are the only crayons out of the 3 that have teeth marks on them from my babe sticking 1 of them in his mouth. I watched him do it, and didn’t freak out, because I know they’re safe, and I knew they also wouldn’t taste good & he likely wouldn’t do it again, which he hasn’t. My babe likes stacking them on top of each other. The size makes them easy to grab for little hands, and they won’t break like the other 2 have. The colors are not vibrant, but again, they’re meant as a 1st crayon, for exploration, probably not for the school aged children in your life. I think this is also a wonderful product.
http://www.weecantooart.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=18&virtuemart_category_id=6&Itemid=4. Other offerings include finger paints, veggie sidewalk chalk discs, veggie chalk swirls, veggie sidewalk chalk, egg dyeing kit, tempera paint and face paint. Wee Can Too provided these to me complimentary for review purposes , which I appreciate!

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