For the record, regarding my mission…

The need to make this statement comes up every couple months, so I thought I’d do it as a blog post I can share when the need inevitably arises again. Today I received an email from a person saying I should be ashamed of myself, all I’m doing is spreading paranoia. Her friend follows my page & is so paranoid about everything that she scrutinizes everything she feeds her child & puts on her child’s body. This person went on to say that we all survived all the chemicals fed to us & lathered on us as children, so why worry about any of it. I should get off my high-horse & feed my kids a bowl of fruit pebbles like she was doing at that moment….

When I 1st started this page, nearly 2 1/2 years ago now, and received messages like this they truly upset me. I have definitely grown a thick skin since then as I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it all, and been called plenty of names: chemophob being a favorite. I’m 100% tolerant of others points of view, as long as they’re voiced respectfully. I’m actually honored by the info she shared with me about her friend scrutinizing her decisions regarding the products & food she’s using with her family– that’s my mission!! But I don’t consider myself to be paranoid at all. It’s all about education, and the sharing of information, which Facebook is a great platform for. The “we lived through it, so why do anything different for our kids” excuse, which comes in various forms is probably my biggest pet peeve as a blogger, and mother. WHEN WE KNOW BETTER, WE DO BETTER. I want what’s best for my family, and knowledge gained since the 70’s-80’s, when many on my page were being raised has given us the ability to make better choices in some areas. I do not at all feel limited by my choices to live a healthy lifestyle. I also respect the fact others make different decisions than I do. I could tell everyone that wears make-up, uses disposable diapers, formula feeds, etc that they are making the wrong decision because it’s not the decision I make. But that is not my mission, and would not get me very far towards my goal of helping educate. Instead, I strive to provide you with the best options I know of, whether for make-up, disposable diapers, or whatever you are looking for, and do so without passing judgment.

My page passed 9,000 likes today. I know there will always be a few naysayers & negative Nancy’s out there (wonder where that expression came from?). For the most part, I’m so thrilled & honored by the level of respect in the interactions that take place on my page amongst total strangers. THANK YOU for that!!

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  1. goodfamiliesdo
    Jun 23, 2014 @ 19:38:52

    “We survived it” is anecdotal and so far removed from scientific evidence. I hear that one a lot with medical issues. People often get defensive when you suggest doing things differently than their parents did it, as if they are infallible and suggesting otherwise is heresy. Then there’s the “you must think you are better than me” offended response. I’ve started hating the “know better, do better” mantra because so many people know better and are aware there are huge issues and then do it anyway because they are taking the easy way out ignoring it instead of confronting it. “If I cover my eyes, the wolf can’t see me!”



  2. St. McDuck
    Jun 24, 2014 @ 19:37:42

    I love the work you do, Jess. Although I don’t have kids in my life as of yet, it’s thanks to you that I found Poofy and their great toothpaste, which I have since shared with my awesome health+animal conscious sister.
    One brand I’d love to hear your take on is Just the Goods:
    EWG rates them highly (meaning low) and while they’re Canadian instead of made-in-the-USA, their hand & body lotion worked better for me than Poofy’s. Just something to look into when you get the chance.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!



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