Accepting help from a stranger

Try it sometime, it’s really not that bad. You’ll probably be glad you did, as I was this morning….

After months of saving, researching, acclimating, my Husband was finally ready to install our bamboo flooring. I decided it’d be best to leave the house for 24 hours to let him tackle it without the kiddos & I in the house, and to not have to listen to the banging & staple gun going off. So, I packed up the kids & headed 1/2 hour away to a local hotel with a great indoor waterpark perfectly suited to my kids ages (1 & 3 1/2). I knew it’d be a bit rough with both of them running in separate directions, keeping them both happy in the same area, common concerns with 2 kids. But I’m used to juggling them, and armloads of stuff at the same time. It went OK, we had some rough times when Baby Girl wanted to do this & Big Brother wanted to do that.

This morning it was time to go check out the continental breakfast. They had a pretty deluxe version, make your own waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs even! I walked in to a room full of childless adults with my 2 kids in tow & got lots of looks. I went & grabbed the only open table & went to get a high chair & booster seat for the kids. And an elderly lady approached & said “please, let me help you”. “No, I got it, thanks” I said with a smile, and accomplished the task at hand of arranging seating for us. With that done, it was on to getting some food. My Son wanted a waffle, which we had to wait to make as someone else was making one at the time. So I got a banana for Sissy, put her in the high chair & proceeded to pursue the waffle-making. Well, Sissy didn’t want to be in her chair eating her banana, she wanted to be checking out all the fun making the waffle, so she started to fuss. The same elderly lady approached me again “I’m done eating, my Husband is reading the paper, I miss my Grandkids terribly, I would love to help you while you get your family’s breakfast in order”. And I gave in. She walked around the room with my Little Lady while I made some scrambled eggs & a waffle, got some oatmeal for Baby Girl & got us all situated & we ate. She did not leave my sight, and all were happy in the end.

I just wanted to share this as we all really can use some help sometimes. Yes, I’m used to doing things on my own & CAN do it, but I have nothing to prove, and nothing to lose by accepting a hand from a kind, caring stranger who is offering. I know I’ll be offering help to a Mama who is trying to juggle too much sometime in my future, when my kiddos are grown & I’m sitting by myself reading a newspaper, I hope that Mama will accept my offer 🙂

And the floor, OH MY, it is sooooo beautiful. We got home today as he was nailing the very last board into place, and it is just gorgeous! I’m so proud of him for being able to do this for us, and so proud of the hard work & effort we both put forth to save up the money for it! After much research we went with Cali Bamboo, for anyone interested!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karen
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 19:17:24

    What a beautiful post. I bet you made her day!! 🙂



  2. goodfamiliesdo
    Oct 03, 2014 @ 02:01:32

    A few years back, I was riding the bus here in Chicago. There was a grandma with two sleeping little girls under 3. She was about to get off and had no way to carry both of them. I jumped up, a few blocks before my stop, said I was a nanny and offered to carry the little one down for her. I kept the one year old facing grandma so she would see her as she woke up and wouldn’t freak out. As soon as she got the bigger one awake and standing, she took the baby and I was on my way. I didn’t think twice about helping her and just offered. We all need to do this more often, reach out to each other!



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