Organic cotton nursing necklaces & teether

Organic Cotton Nursing/teething necklace & teether, handmade in WA by page co-admin Jolene. Jolene came up with these great designs for teething and/or babes easily distracted when nursing. Having something hanging down to focus attention on & grasp while nursing can help keep an older babe centered. My Baby Girl is now 15 months & is a tweaker (Mamas of older nurslings have probably experienced this, my Son did it too). So, having this hanging down while she’s nursing & literally putting it in her hand for her helps keep her hand that is exploring occupied. Also, she hates getting put in her car seat, so I always grab this when headed out the door then either dangle it in front of her while loading her up in the car, or take it off entirely to give her to play with. I’ve received many compliments on it while wearing it out! I love it, it’s something different than the other nursing necklaces I have which are gemstones, and I feel very good about it being organic! Jolene pre-washes the fabric in Eco-Nuts & recommends hand washing, but tossing them in your washer on a gentle cycle seems like it would be OK

One Mama on our page bought one of these as part of the 1st offering for the August Buying Club, for her ~8 year old daughter who has autism & likes to mouth things. That Mama has since written us to let us know how much her daughter is enjoying it & that even the daughter’s therapist has commented on & written in his notes how great it was working for this girl. The length she requested it at is the exact length of these adult necklaces Jolene is making, but on the 8 year old it hangs down quite a bit farther, thus she is able to play with & mouth it while she’s wearing it!

The fabric is GOTS certified organic cotton, made in India. Jolene definitely did her research & organic cotton made in the USA is very tough to find, and also extremely expensive. We discussed what would be better: non-organic but made in USA, or organic made abroad & I think most of you would agree that organic is preferable, especially for a product specifically designed to be mouthed & chewed on by a child. She will continue to search for a made in the USA option. The beads are unfinished (raw) wood & made in the USA. Necklaces like the one pictured will be $17 & she’s still finalizing the price she will offer the smaller teething rings and the other style of necklace at (will have a wooden ring in the center for additional grasping/mouthing). So, stay tuned as I’ll be finalizing ALL details of the upcoming November Buying Club very soon, and adding what Jolene has to offer to the already great line-up!

Thanks for sending me these Jolene!!
Here is her FB page for these necklaces & other offerings: See More

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