How to color your hair the organic way!

The topic of the safest way to cover grays or just change up your normal hair color comes up quite a bit! Henna & indigo are a great, safe, USDA certified organic option that are super affordable! It’s $10/pack via Poofy Organics (my affiliate link: So for $20 total I was able to do my hair 3 times! I had plenty extra each time so could’ve done 4 times had I not made too much, but it’s best to err on the side of caution when mixing the stuff up. Once you do it that 1st time, your confidence will be boosted & you’ll realize how easy it is & how great the results are!

What you need to know:

You can do just henna, but you’ll definitely end up on the red spectrum. How red depends on your current hair color & how long you leave it on. Don’t do just indigo, you’ll end up on the green spectrum. A combo of both henna/indigo will land you somewhere on the brown/black spectrum depending on where you’re starting from & how long you leave it on!

I’ve done this 3 times now. My hair was very, very short the 1st time, it’s now shoulder-length. It is very thick. For super short hair, you can get away with 1/4 a pack. Otherwise I’d go with 1/3 a pack for medium hair. For waist length hair, a 1/2 pack of each should still be plenty. Worst case, for longest, fullest head of hair I can imagine, maybe a full pack of each. So again, $2o tops!

The henna needs to sit ~8 hrs after getting mixed with something acidic: orange or lemon juice. You can squeeze it yourself, or just pour some OJ in it, enough to make it a yogurt-like consistency. Cover it with a lid or plastic wrap & let it sit on your counter top overnight.

Add the indigo 15 minutes before your ready. I use equal amounts, which I would suggest for your 1st time. After you’ve boosted your confidence that the results are not going to be radical you can play around with it a bit by adding a little more or less henna/indigo ratio. Add enough water to make it into a smooth, spreadable paste. The indigo has a smell that resembles peas. I add in several drops of orange and/or lavender essential oils to help with the smell.

Wear gloves & start applying in sections. I had my Hubby help me the 1st time, but have done the other 2 times on my own. I do sections then kind of massage it in real good, especially focusing on the areas where the grays frequent. Cover with plastic wrap (I had to buy some just for this as I don’t normally keep it around). Wipe off any excess from  your ears, forehead, neck.

Let sit at least 2.5 hours. The 1st time this was all I did, as again, you’re worried it’s going to be some drastic outcome. Each time I’ve let it sit longer. I’ve read of people letting it sit over night even! The last time I let it sit 6 hrs & I just LOVE how it turned out! For my already brown base color the henna/indigo mix results in a chocolately/copperish with red highlights. You’ll see some photos below.

And that’s it. Wash, wash, wash. And then wash again until your water is absolutely clear. It takes up to 3 days for it to settle on its final color, it does continue to darken over that time, pretty cool, huh?!

**IMPORTANT ADVICE TO NOTE, this comment was sent to me: As a hairstylist, we recommend no hair dye for at least 3 months before using henna and vice versa.


Below are my photos: My natural hair, never dyed (well, a few purple, pink toxic dye jobs in high school). As more & more grays come in (I’m 36) the brown becomes duller. Not the best lighting, but I was ready for some gray coverage.


After 24 hrs, a nice coppery, chestnutty red/brown, with grays covered!


Results after the 3 day wait, out in the natural light, I LOVE it!



More recent pics of mine (2017):

More indigo than henna below:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So many great highlights, it’s very rich & complex ♥


More indigo than henna below (11/2016):



From Kristin: 10/18/17: Here are my first-time henna/indigo dye results! My medium brown hair was very dull and brassy, especially the ends. I used 1/2 henna and 1/2 indigo and pretty much followed Jessica Brandt’s instructions exactly, except I only left it in my hair for about 1.5 hours, this was my first time using it, so I wanted to see how my hair reacted and didn’t want anything too drastic. It was actually not as messy as I was expecting, the mix was pretty thick which minimized the mess, but I might thin it out just a bit more next time so it applies easier. Next time I’ll try leaving it in for 3-4 hours to get a bit darker. Overall soooo happy with the results, my hair is much richer in color and it’s the exact subtle boost I was hoping for this time around. With tax and shipping this came out to about $25 and I should get 3 uses out of it! I’m so grateful there is a safe affordable dye out there!

Kristin before:


Kristin after:22519646_10103082883813222_2196468205354005532_n


Susie’s 1st henna/indigo job!


After 3 days, here’s the final result. I think you’ll agree it looks fabulous! She did get a haircut also!


____________________________________________________________________________________________From Jodi:

Time for hair change, again! I spent TONS of time online analyzing others’ results and pictures when I first decided to venture into henna & indigo, so I want to put my pictures out there again for other people to see in hopes of helping someone! Same process as last time, except that this time I used 2/3 indigo & 1/3 henna, for a total of 100g. This was more than enough for my hair (last time, I used 66g total but my hair was a little shorter.)  She let it sit ~6.5 hrs.


24 hrs later!



Jolene, my co-admin’s results using Poofy’s henna & indigo:


Below are her results with just henna:



From Lauren: “This was my last chemical color about 15 weeks ago.” (below)


From Lauren:”Poofy Henna/indigo results! Amazing grey coverage, easy process and no gross chemicals! I’ll add it got a bit darker by day 3 it’s a really nice color! Even hubby said something!”



Here is my affiliate link to Poofy’s henna:

And the indigo:

I hope you’ll give it a try & share your experience with me!

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